The 1980s Decade for the Dallas Cowboys

February 19, 2011

The beginning of 1980s saw the Dallas Cowboys enter at the top position in the National Football League (NFL) but by the time the decade ended it took away the glory from the team along with their coach Tom Landry. The Cowboys had started their winning streak in the 1966 with their additional 10 consecutive winning seasons through the 1970s where they won five NFC Conference titles and two of the five Super Bowl championships that they played.

The winning streak that the Dallas Cowboys carried from the 1966s continued till 1980s. However, by the time the decade ended, the success of the Cowboys ended too. There were major changes for the Cowboys in 1989. The ownership of the team changed twice at the executive level during this decade. The NFL owners approved sale from Clint Murchinson, Jr. to H.R. “Bum” Bright on March 19, 1984. Five years later, Jerry Jones, Sr. purchased the team from Bum Bright on February 25th, 1989. He then also replaced then coach Jerry Jones with Tom Landry who then coached the university of Miami football team to a national championship in 1987. However, the player level got affected when the quarterback Roger Staubach retired post 1979 season. In the 1980s the team was led by Danny White who took over from Staubach. He retired before the 1989 season began. Another person retired during this season – Tony Dorsett, who is one of leagues’ premier running backs as well as wide receiver Drew Pearson also retired the same season.

The Dallas cowboys won in the 6 seasons in the beginning of 1980s. However, their consecutive wins ended in 1986 and happens to be an unbroken record in the NFL yet. The total win-loss-tie record in the 1980s was 79-73-0. They advanced to the playoffs in five of the first 6 years of the 1980s. In 1980 the Dallas cowboys lost the NFC Eastern Division title by a tie-breaker to the Philadelphia Eagles. However, they beat the Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card game as well as the Atlanta Falcons in the Division playoff. In 1981 the Cowboys reclaimed the NFC Eastern Division title by beating Tampa Bay 38-0 in the Divisional playoff. However, they lost the NFC Conference game 28-27 to San Francisco on a last minute touchdown.

In 1982 won both games with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers in the Texas Stadium the Dallas Cowboys won and advanced to the NFC Conference game. In this game, however, the Cowboys lost to the Washington Redskins. 1983 say the cowboys advancing to the playoffs for 9 years and set the NFL record. This time they lost the Wild Card game to the Los Angeles Rams. In 1984, the Cowboys did not qualify for the playoffs and in 1985 they regained the NFC Easter division title but lost the Wild Card game to Los Angeles again. In the 1980s it has been said that the Dallas Cowboys accumulated a 79-73-0 record and the team had 6 consecutive wins during the decade.