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February 19, 2011

Cowboys and Eagles Rivalry

There is a long and deep rivalry between Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. Their rivalry is a much talked about affair and sometimes also extends past the players on the field but also to the hearts of their fans. This rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles has been narrated in several different manners. The Cowboys is said to have a rivalry with every team in the National Football League and it is said that the team is used to being hated.

The Philadelphia Eagles became the contenders for Dallas Cowboys only in the 1980s according to the Cowboys. However, the Philadelphia Eagles have a different account. According to them the rivalry began in 1967 when Dallas linebacker Lee Roy Jordan hit Timmy Brown of Eagles. He then suffered from a fractured jaw and several loose teeth. From the account of the incident that Timmy has to give, Lee Roy knocked him in the jaw with his elbow and also taunted him while he stepped over his body.

The 1980s saw a great downside of the Dallas Cowboys. They got beat by the Philadelphia Eagles 20-7 in the Conference Championship under the coaching of Dick Vermeil. This was the chance that the eagles received to take them to the first ever Super Bowl emergence. In the 1989 Thanksgiving Classic game, the first “Bounty Bowl” game was held. The Cowboys got outscored by the Eagles that gave them their first Thanksgiving Classic shutout. Dallas Cowboy coach Jimmy Johnson even went on to accuse Eagles’ head coach Buddy Ryan saying that he had taken out a bounty on Dallas players Troy Aikmen as well as Luis Zendejas. According to him, he did not have respect for the way the Eagles played the game.

In two weeks time the Bounty Bowl II was held in Philadelphia on the 10the December in 1989 to a packed stadium in the Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. The stadium had rowdy fans and piles of snow that were put to use by the Eagles’ fan who threw snow at the Dallas cowboys after Jimmy Johnson’s accusations. There were some particular targets like Al Jury, a back judge, who was knocked to the ground by a bombardment of snowballs; Mike Saxon – he was a Cowboys punter and was attacked in the end zone; and finally Jimmy Johnson -he was bombarded with snowballs, beer, and ice. He was finally rescued and escorted off the field by Philadelphia police.

With the two Bounty Bowls being over the rivalry between Dallas cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles went back to normal levels. The Eagles got beat by the cowboys in 1992 and helped launch the Cowboys to a 3-year championship run. However, the rivalry was again aggravated by the action of Philadelphia fan in April 1999. They cheered as Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys lay motionless on getting hurt and lying motionless after catching a pass. Even to this day, the rivalry between these teams cannot be denied. It is full of passion and intense competition between two extremely talented teams.