1990 Pro Set Emmitt Smith Rookie

Emmitt Smith was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 1990 NFL draft. Emmitt's Pro Set Rookie card appeared in the 1990 Pro Set regular set. Because of the availability of this card there is no reason to have this card under NM to MT condition. Raw versions of this card can be had for a single dollar but high graded versions can go for as much as $50. This particular card is widely available and is the lowest priced card of the 5 common Emmitt Smith Rookie cards but the colored borders make GEM MINT versions rare and thus the highest grades are now over $100.00 each.
Emmitt Smith RookieEmmitt Smith Rookie

Here are the averages of the most recent sale prices for the 1990 Pro Set Emmitt Smith rookie in high grade from the 3 most reputable grading companies, PSA, Beckett and SGC.

BOLD indicates that enough examples have been confirmed to provide a good price guide.

Grade Date of Sales Price
PSA 10 GEM May 2013 $26.00 - $40.00
PSA 9 MINT May 2013 $2.50 - $13.00
PSA 8.5 NM/MT+ May 2013 $5.00
PSA 8 NM/MT May 2013 $1.00 - $8.00
PSA 7 NM   no data yet
Grade Date of Sales Price
SGC 98 GEM   no data yet
SGC 96 MINT   no data yet
SGC 92 NM/MT+   no data yet
SGC 88 NM/MT   no data yet
SGC 86 NM+   no data yet
SGC 84 NM   no data yet
Grade Date of Sales Price
BGS 9.5 May 2013 $25.50 -$45.00
BGS 9 May 2013 $4.25 - $25.00
BGS 8.5 May 2013 $3.00 - $4.50
BGS 8 May 2013 $5.00 - $7.00
BGS 7.5   no data yet