1978 Topps Tony Dorsett Rookie

Tony Dorsett was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 1977 NFL draft. His Rookie card appears in the 1978 Topps Regular issue football card set. Ungraded low quality versions of this card can be found for around $10.00. High Graded versions of this card can reach mulitple hundreds of dollars. This card is plentiful but high graded versions are hard to find. Tony Dorsett is often reffered to as one of the TOP NFL Backs of all time so his ROOKIE card will continue to be in high demand, especially the rare high graded versions.
Tony Dorsett RookieTony Dorsett Rookie

Here are the averages of the most recent sale prices for the 1978 Topps Tony Dorsett rookie in high grade from the 3 most reputable grading companies, PSA, Beckett and SGC.

BOLD indicates that enough examples have been confirmed to provide a good price guide. BLUE Background indicates a SOUND Price has been resolved and cards at this grade should be easy to find at the indicated PRICE!

Grade Date of Sales Price
PSA 10 GEM   no data yet
PSA 9 MINT Jan 2009 $171.00
PSA 9 (oc) Aug 2008 $31.00
PSA 8 NM/MT Jan 2009 $34.00
PSA 7 NM April 2008 $14.33
PSA 6 EXMT   no data yet
Grade Date of Sales Price
SGC 98 GEM   no data yet
SGC 96 MINT Jan 2008 $187.50
SGC 92 NM/MT+   no data yet
SGC 88 NM/MT   no data yet
SGC 86 NM+   no data yet
SGC 84 NM   no data yet
SGC 60 EX June 2008 $7.50
Grade Date of Sales Price
BGS 9.5   no data yet
BGS 9   no data yet
BGS 8.5   no data yet
BVG 8 June 2008 $25.00
BGS 7.5   no data yet
BVG 7.0 Jan 2008 $13.00