Dallas Cowboys football cards COMPLETE Checklist (1960 - TODAY)!

Would you like to have a copy of my Dallas Cowboys football card checklist for yourself? I have approximately 65,000 cards listed in my database and it took me a few years to compile it. The list begins in 1960 and ends with current cards. I have every single Cowboy card noted in the Standard Catalog of Football cards released by Sports Collectors Digest. YES, I went through this book page by page and listed EVERY COWBOY CARD! Did I miss any? Perhaps..

I have decided to make this list available to collectors for a minimal fee. This list will help you easily compile and grow your collection. No more scanning through other checklists for just cowboy cards. With the filter options available in Excel you can easily filter by year, player, set, Rookie flag etc.

The Fields used in my list are:

A quick snapshot below shows what the file looks like: (click on image to see a bigger picture)

The card number is actually 3 fields, leading, middle and trailing. Some new cards use letters as well as numbers for card designation so I had to create multiple fields so that I could still sort cards via card numbers. The player is broken up into 2 fields, First Name and Last Name. The Rookie, Auto and Gameused fields are True False fields that make Filtering for those types of cards simple. You can filter on any one or multiple fields making it easy to list only cards from a certain year or Player or brand.

Here is a quick glance of what the file would look like if I filtered for only 1995 Emmitt Smith cards:

The list is currently available only in soft copy or electronic format. I will provide you the list in Microsoft Excel (easy to filter) or a Text file. The file is over 3 mb (unzipped) so I can either email you the file or you can download it.

The price is only $9.99.

If paying via paypal, please note how you would like the file formatted (Excel) and how you would like it delivered (Email or download).


OR You can simply send $9.99 (check or money order) to;

Marty Ogelvie
3880 Ryans Run Way SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Don't forget to note how you want the file (Excel or Text).

Please email me if you have any questions (martyogelvie@cowboycards.com).